The Choice Is Yours 2

The day we step into this world our countdown begins. As a new born we do not understand the reality of life but as we grow up the real world opens up in front of us. Fear is a negative emotion which have negative outcomes but sometimes it can also have positive ones. Lets dig in to what i just said, that is , fear as a negative and a positive emotion. When it harms our well being then its a negative emotion , for example a person if afraid of dark so just in a rush he might fall in dark and get injured. on the other hand fear can have a positive impact, for example a student will study for his or her exam because of fear of failing.

Fear is self imposed and society imposed. The fear imposed by society is much more harmful because it follows a set pattern of rules. self imposed fear can still be worked upon and be overcome. Fear leads to anxiety and also health issues. I believe if we live our lives honestly and enjoy our work rather than fearing it then life can be much more easier and smooth.

Lets come out of this nutshell and face new challenges of life without the negative emotion of fear. To eradicate the fear within one should have the charisma and zeal to live life outside. The fear within can be overcome if we human beings work on the path set by almighty and live this gift called life given by him to its fullest..!!

“Let not the fear , fear you, rather you fear off the fear..!!”