From a very young age, ambition is moulded into us with the ubiquitous question, “bade hokar kya banoge?” – what would you like to be when you grow up? We dream about being astronauts like we saw on the television, or chefs like the ones on the cookbooks at home, or being like that kind doctor who gave you candy after you got an injection.

As children, we are abundantly ambitious, dreaming about being an actor today and the captain of a ship tomorrow. As the years go by, we learn the disappointing truth that it’s not that easy to be everything at once. This is where the journey begins- the journey to a focused career.

Your career gives you a purpose in life. You begin thinking about what you want to become and why. How do you reach that position? What must you do to achieve this? Numerous questions like this crowd your mind. Some of us manage to tactfully deal with these thoughts. For some others, sorting out these thoughts becomes tough. For some of us further, we struggle to decide on the starting point, i.e., what career do I want?

High school becomes a trying time for school-going kids as the burden of choosing a promising career hovers over them. Unfortunately, a recent survey found that 93% of students in India are aware of merely 7 career paths available to them. In a developing nation like India, career options are widening, with over 5,000 options available. There is a severe lack of awareness about careers, leading to job vacancies and no candidates to fill them. This lack of awareness stems from society’s inherent orthodox ideals about what is a respectable profession and what isn’t. People have the predisposition to believe that careers are meant to bring wealth and alleviate status. This damages a child by heaving immense expectations and burdens onto them. Often pressured by parents and family, children are pushed into choosing careers against their liking or beyond their scope, causing them to progress into a destructive spiral. Parents tend to overlook their children’s skills and interests, and instead influence their kids into mainstream conventional jobs like medicine, engineering, civil services, etc. Each person, young or old, can define ‘success’ for themselves. The understanding of the term comes from within. Parents must keep this in mind while helping their children. Giving guidance and support is crucial and so is letting children decide their path. This helps them understand and identify with themselves and teaches important lessons like independence and responsibility.

On an average, we spend about 40 years of our lives working. This is quite a significant chunk of our lifespan, and it ought to be wholesome. We need to feel good about waking up to this job, we need to be challenged positively, and we need to feel satisfied. Therefore, choosing a career suited to your interests and strengths is indispensable.

This is where career counselling becomes vital. For the best career counselling services in Faridabad, reach out to Hope- The Psychology Clinic.

There is no set age to begin career counselling, but the ideal age is when a child begins exploring new subjects at school. Around the age of 13-14 is an ideal time to start career counselling as it eases out the time frame. Children get ample time to decide on subjects for high-school, which will eventually align with their career choices.

Careers are no longer merely about subject knowledge, but also about having an all-rounded personality. When the profession is suited to the child’s strengths and interests, they are bound to be more curious and confident, and will develop steadily. Career counsellors can help analyse these strengths through assessment strategies like psychometric tests. These assessments analyse the individual’s personality, skills, aptitude, and values. With technology-aided methods, a clear and unbiased analyses is presented using which the counsellor proceeds. For the best career guidance for your child, reach out to Hope- The Psychology Clinic.


Counsellors assist children with making informed choices and exploring numerous pathways. They help them with much-needed clarity of thought, without which children tend to get stressed, or choose career paths they might regret. They tend to drop out of colleges unable to bear the stress or from a complete lack of interest. To avoid this, it is definitely better to be informed and sure of your choice. With the right support and guidance from parents and the counsellor, adolescents can nurture their ambitions and truly succeed- a fulfilling career leads to a fulfilling life!

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