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Child Psychology in Faridabad

A person’s childhood is often a very simple yet complicated time. It is also a very influential time in a person’s life, and most people’s childhoods will have a big impact on the type of adult they turn out to be later in life.

Childhood psychology is a specialized branch of traditional psychology that focuses on children, mainly their development and behavior. It is one of the most commonly studied types of psychology today. This type of psychology typically covers every child, from birth to adolescence. Some areas covered under childhood psychology include milestones, behavior problems, social skills, mental and emotional well being and development.

Child psychology means understanding and observing child’s behavior and development from birth to adolescent. It covers areas like Milestones, Behavior problems ,Social skills, Mental and emotional well being and development.

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How to Understand your Child’s Psychology


Observe their actions, expressions and temperament when they eat , sleep and play.
What does the child like to do the most
How does he react when he has to do something he does not like it such as eating vegetables, sleeping early or doing homework.
How social is he? is he willing to share or try new things?

Spend Quality Time with your Children :

You should dedicate time to talk and play with them.
Conversations with your kids let you know what’s happening in their life at school and home , what their favorite music or Tv show is .

Pay attention to your child’s environment :

Child’s behavior and attitude are shaped largely by the environment.
Your child’s behavior is largely dependent on the kind of people that are around him and how they interact with him.

Listen-Let your kids tell you :

Talking is good but listening is important
Listen to their stories

Ask the right questions :

Instead of asking do you like this song?
Ask what do you think about this song
Instead of asking who they played with
Ask them what they played.
Let them explain in details

Empathize- Step into your child’s shoes :

Sometimes you have to think like a kid listen to their feelings.
Use their language to help them understand you better
When you don’t understand your child’s behavior, ask yourself- how would you have behaved or reacted if you were in your child’s place ?

Child Psychology Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder( ADHD): Children with ADHD display three main characteristics: inattention, impulsiveness and hyperactivity.

Anxiety Disorder : Children with general anxiety disorder tend to worry excessively about everything.

Learning Disability : This is psychological disorder that makes learning a challenge. Symptoms include inability to pay attention, poor memory, poor coordination, inability to follow instructions or directions, and lack of organization.

Eating Disorder: Children’s with eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia tend to have abnormal eating habits. These disorders are usually the result of obsessive thinking about weight gain and physical appearance. Symptoms include inability to eat anything, vomiting and binge-eating.

Disruptive Behavior Disorder : Children with this disorder may tend to bully others, isolate themselves from social situations, destroy property or hurt animals deliberately, lie or even steal things.

Autism Disorder: Autism is a mental disorder that begins in childhood a person with autism often has restricted , repetitive patterns of behaviour, interest or activities.

The current role of psychologists and behavior specialists most often involves assessment, consultation, and development of intervention strategies. Psychologists and behavior specialists are often involved in providing functional analyses of problem behaviors; designing behavioral interventions; providing cognitive, adaptive, and social assessments; guiding the educational curriculum in these areas; and consulting with the rest of the educational team about educational strategies and interventions. Psychologists and behavior specialists are often involved in parent training and support as well.

The practice of psychological services involve

  1. IQ, DQ & SQ assessment
  2. Learning disability assessment
  3. Therapy for childhood Behavioural problems
  4. Study skills/motivation
  5. Neuro-psychological assessments
  6. Aptitude/attitude/personality assessment

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