Counselling Amidst a Pandemic

Counselling Amidst a Pandemic

Now, more than ever before, the importance of mental wellbeing has taken the centerstage. As the world enters unchartered waters in the wake of the Coronavirus, mental and physical strain on populations and individuals is growing heavy. Worldwide lockdowns are making things worse as children, adolescents and adults touch a new low in life.

Creative coping mechanisms have come about to deal with the stress, ranging from binge eating to indulging in arts, or gardening. One thing we all had in common during the lockdown is the time we spent introspecting, for it becomes quite hard to avoid such thoughts when you are forced to spend months with only yourself for company. This way, the pandemic slowly turned into a journey of self -discovery, albeit it had its own downsides. Introspection often led to a whirlpool of thoughts and a feeble mind under pandemic pressure bent under the weight easily.

At an uncertain time like this, counselling gains importance. Counselling is helpful in providing support to individuals facing issues with self-esteem, self-image, stress, interpersonal conflicts, self-harm, identity crises, anxiety, depression and trauma. By providing empathy and by lending a non-judgmental ear, a counsellor helps an individual come to terms with their problems. In short, counselling is for anyone facing emotional burdens or having a difficult time in life.Counselling can prove just as effective as medicines, or even more so in many cases.

It should always be noted that there is no age limit to developing psychological problems. Adultsoften ignore or downplay the extent of children’s problems. In this competitive and challenging age, children too need an abundance of emotional support. Childhood depression and anxiety is alarmingly common in today’s society. Counselling can be extremely effective for children to help them understand themselves, and as a result understand their surroundings and become stronger, better individuals in the future. Adolescence on the other hand, has always been a tricky age to deal with. Parents have a hard time understanding their children- but fact is that teenagers themselves have a hard time understanding their own minds. Counselling can provide a safe space for a teenager to comprehend themselves. As for adulthood, a new wave of challenges floods in, leaving one quite helpless. Therapeutic practices like counselling provide a confidential and safe platform to discuss everyday problems and tackle their long-term impacts in a healthy manner. Counselling helps one gain a more wholesome and positive perspective on life, while guiding the individual through the difficulties they face.

In a non-judgmental space, a person’s potential to accept themselves for who they truly are increases. Counsellors support and empower individuals by being sensitive to their issues and by providing much needed empathy. The pandemic has directed our focus to our minds for a good reason. In a society plummeting into mental instability, there is no better time to start working on ourselves from within. Talking therapy can lead the way to healing and growing. The role that counselling plays in today’s world is extremely crucial in shaping a healthy and happy tomorrow. Children, teenagers and adults alike require counselling tailored to their own minds. Removing the taboo around therapy and understanding the true value of it can help an individual, their family, and their entire community as well.

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