Anyone who spends an excessive amount of time on the internet is prone to suffer from its negative effects which include stress, anxiety, and ADHD. Cyberspace has become integral to our daily lives. With the onset of the pandemic, it has become a basic necessity. Young children and adolescents have grown up surrounded by all things tech. They rely on the internet not just for homework assistance, but for having a social life as well. As they spend an increasing amount of time building their virtual personality, they are bound to experience anxiety. One of the most common signs that someone is addicted to the internet is that they seem unhappy and extremely irritable if they do not have access to it. You may even find yourself spending more time on the internet than you intended to. Consult the best psychologist in Faridabad to know more now.

What is Internet Anxiety?

Teenagers sometimes feel compelled to respond to every notification they receive on their phones. They cannot help themselves from incessantly scrolling through social media posts, creating posts, and searching for likes and follows. This search and the feeling of wanting to be omnipresent on social media produces anxiety within an individual. Teenagers look for self-esteem via social media. While posting on these platforms, they look forward to positive feedback in the form of likes and comments. If someone certain doesn’t ‘like’ the post or comment on it, or respond to a text in a particular, expected manner, it can create a sense of worry and anxiety in the individual. Similarly, while scrolling through social media posts, teenagers can feel like their personality, looks, body shape, or habits are under attack. This is because they often find themselves comparing their truth with that of the ‘supposed truth’ of posts in their feed which are unrealistic- or simply different from them and their lives. Many teenagers even find themselves experiencing FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out. They become worried that if they stay away from social media, they might miss out on central events, connections, and invitations. Teenagers then find themselves comparing their lifestyle with the unrealistic reality of social media. This becomes an unhealthy habit that easily leads to anxiety and depression, and may turn into physical illness like muscle tremors, nausea, headaches, and intestinal issues.

Social Media Anxiety

When adolescents spend the majority of their time behind a screen, some of them tend to develop a different personality over the internet. This personality might be more comfortable in approaching others and starting a conversation. As this habit forms and strengthens, it becomes increasingly difficult to do the same in person. Teenagers find themselves in a tough spot where they are unable to develop and maintain a healthy social life away from the internet. Social anxiety and internet addiction works vice versa as well. Children and teenagers who exhibit symptoms of social anxiety are more prone to becoming addicted to the internet, leading to them becoming more withdrawn and reclusive. Socially anxious individuals may rely on social media to escape feelings of loneliness, depression, low self-esteem, and anxiety. For such individuals, their relationship with the internet can be mutually destructive.


If you feel like your teenager certainly has a problem, it is essential to start a conversation about it. The first step to treating the addiction is to come to terms with the fact that you have it. Sometimes, having a difficult conversation with your adolescent can seem like walking on eggshells. Parents must keep in mind that they do not sound like they are attacking their child or patronising them, but are only concerned about their health and well-being. Consult your therapist for the best advice. Hope- The Psychology Clinic in Faridabad can help you find the best support for your child. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be effective in reducing and eventually countering the addiction. If internet addiction in your teenager is linked to an underlying mental health issue, your therapist might recommend a combination of medication and therapy.

Remember, the internet does not have to control your life. Only you have power over your life. For the right aid and assistance, reach out to the best psychologist in Faridabad today.

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