It is not surprising that Gen Z (1979- 2012) is the generation experiencing the highest stress levels. Worldwide, anxiety is the most common mental illness that affects the masses. For this generation, anxiety is fueled by the rush to get a good job, the rapidly changing climate, technology, and adding to everything- the pandemic and other stressors. While Gen Z is more likely to report having anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues, they are less likely to get professional help for it. It is absolutely normal, then, to feel anxious or stressed, and there are always ways to deal with it. Learn how from the best psychologists at Hope-The Psychology Clinic in South Delhi.

You and I agree that there are one-too-many things on this planet to get stressed about. As the stress adds up, your emotions could become too overwhelming and end up in you having an anxiety attack. It is important to ensure that you understand the functioning of your mind. Do you know you can train your mind to react a certain way to stressors? There are many triggers all around us, and our individual bodies may react in different ways to different triggers, Learning how to control our cognition is very helpful. This can be done through therapy coupled with self-care like meditation and other forms of therapy you can do for yourself, like music or art therapy. Contact Hope- The Psychology Clinic in New Friends Colony for online and offline sessions according to your comfort.

There are a lot of things that an individual can do on their own to cope with stress:

  1. Guided meditation: This can be a great stress-buster to take your mind off of the everyday.
  2. Physical exercise: This, coupled with a healthy diet- more vitamin-rich food, less coffee and carbs, is very useful to help calm anxiety and help you deal with stress in an organised way.
  3. Put your phone away!: Many times, during work or in the middle of doing your assignments, you might take a break. The problem here is that many people take a “break” by scrolling through social media. That’s definitely not a good idea. Take a break where your eyes and mind can rest- maybe with a walk or some time spent in a park or with a pet.
  4. Connect more: Spend time talking to people who make you feel good about yourself and everything else. When you’re stressed or anxious, you can definitely benefit from some positive energy!
  5. Consider therapy: There are too many things in our society that can stress us out. Do they seem like they never end? It’s time for you to consider therapy. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT, can help change your thought process by helping you recognise how your thoughts contribute to your stress and anxiety. Meet a professional psychologist at the best clinic in Defence Colony, Hope- The Psychology Clinic.

While therapy is undoubtedly helpful in dealing with anxiety and stress, you have to remember that it isn’t a magic pill. Therapy has to be done alongside a good diet, good sleep, and following tips from your therapist. Recognise early signs of stress and anxiety and reach out to the best therapist in Nehru Place for the right treatment at the right time. Book your appointment at Hope-The Psychology Clinic today.

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